Dubois wins by forfeit, sets up scrimmage with Casper

Sep 11, 2013 By Randy Tucker, Sports Writer

There wasn't much time to reschedule a game after Normative Services contacted Dubois High School football coach David Trembly Friday afternoon. Normative was set to play the Rams in Dubois on Saturday at 11 a.m. but cancelled the game because of discipline issues at the school.

Trembly contacted Natrona County High School, and a hybrid game was scheduled for Saturday at Dick Cheney Field in Casper.

It might seem unlikely that one of the largest and one of the smallest schools in the state would meet on the gridiron, but it turned out to be a fun afternoon for players from both schools.

When Dubois had the ball the game was played 6-man style and when Natrona took possession the game returned to the traditional 11-man format.

"The kids had a lot of fun," Trembly said. "The Natrona players really enjoyed the six-man part of the game."

The entire field was used when playing 11-man but the out-of-bounds line was set at the line numbers for six-man possessions.

Dubois had just 11 players suited for the game, so it was a sparse sideline for half of the contest.

"It was so hot, about 95 on the field, that we played defense with just 10 guys for most of the time," Trembly said.

"We pulled players one at a time to get water and cool off."

No score was originally going to be kept, but Natrona officials ran the scoreboard anyway, and Dubois took the contest 28-20.

The defending state champion Rams now host Farson this Friday at 2 p.m.

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