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Freshman duo dazzles for WIHS Friday in cross country meet

Sep 15, 2013 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

ETHETE -- Two sensational freshmen cross country runners from the Wyoming Indian High School Chiefs stole the show Friday afternoon in Esthete.

Charlene Brown ran away from the pack to win the individual girls title in a time of 21:15 for WIHS.

Teammate Auburn Bell placed second in 21:38 over the 3.1-mile course.

"Charlene and Auburn have been together since the fifth grade," Wyoming Indian coach Chico Her Many Horses said. "They both work hard. They both feed off each other. They have been together for so long that they don't have to talk. They know where each other is."

Her Many Horses was not surprised with the two young runners on their home course.

"We just have to get them along the rest of the year without getting them hurt and take them slow in developing them," Her Many Horses said."They believe in themselves. They just go. The other girls on the team are charging up behind them to get close to them."

WIHS runner Kiana Wallingbull finished eighth in a time of 23:32.

"We still have another month and a half to be there," Her Many Horses said. "Times are very good for the girls."

Evanston and Riverton High School were the two Class 4-A teams in the field.

"Evanston is a very good team," Her Many Horses said. "We have run against them three times. They should shake things up in Class 4-A."


The Chiefs participated short-handed Friday when a couple of key members didn't run for different reasons.

"Our No. 1 and No. 2 runners are banged up and have some school problems," Her Many Horses said.

Wilson Clifford and Tyler Penatac were on the sidelines for the race in Esthete.

"They will be back on Monday," Her Many Horses said. "I was real happy with the other guys. They all stepped up."

Keegan Her Many Horses led the way by crossing the line seventh in 18:51.

Wyoming Indian results from Friday's race in Ethete


Top 15

1. Charlene Brown, Wyoming Indian, 21:15; 2. Auburn Bell, Wyoming Indian, 21:38; 3. Clarissa Barton, Evanston, 21:57; 4. Olivia Thompson, Riverton, 22:02; 5. Montana Berford, Evanston, 22:36; 6. Nicole Garaged, Evanston, 22:50; 7. Rawlins runner (name not made available) 22:52; 8. Kiana Wallingbull, Wyoming Indian, 23:32; 9. Phyllis Gardner, Wyoming Indian, 24:59; 10. Bailey Broadbent, Riverton, 25:09; 11. Mikayla Littleshield, Wyoming Indian, 25:39; 12. Morning Gambler, Wyoming Indian, 25:46; 13. Jillian C' Bearing, Riverton, 25:55; 14. Trinity Goggles, Riverton, 26:00; 15. Adrienne Barton, Evanston, 26:35.


Top 15

1. Dillon Gilpin, Evanston, 17:49; 2. Draper Robinson, Evanston, 17:57; 3. Micah Whiting, Lander, 18:10; 4. Sam Richards, Evanston, 18:24; 5. Jake Richins, Evanston, 18:24; 6. Drew Gramlich, Lander, 18:33; 7. Keegan Her Many Horses, Wyoming Indian, 18:51; 8. Andy Watts, Evanston, 18:58; 9. Miles Trujillo, Evanston, 18:59; 10. Dustin Blackburn, Riverton, 19:04; 11. Tristan Herr, Lander, 19:10; 12. Nate Davidson, Rocky Mountain, 19:28; 13. Ben Zoller, Riverton, 19:34; 14. Casey Burnett, Rocky Mountain, 19:41; 15. Tyrol Tillman, Lander, 19:32.

Note:R00;Riverton,R00;Lander, Wyoming Indian will all take part Thursday at the Lander Invitational.R00;

The middle school race goes at 2 p.m. inR00;Lander. The varsity runners will go off at 4 p.m.

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