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Will we have 'path rangers' causing more problems now?

Sep 17, 2013 By Belle Bransky, Riverton


I used to live in an area of Riverton that was pretty close to the Rails to Trails path, and my friend and I walked it sometimes in the evening.

The only "trouble" from time to time was a stray dog that would bark at us sometimes.

We moved to a new house, and I didn't go on the trail for almost three years until over Labor Day weekend, when I walked it for fun.

The big difference I noticed was how many vagrants there are now, just sitting along the path or on the benches. Some of them were asleep.

Now that there has been a homicide on the path, does it have anything to do with how many of these vagrants are there?

Will we have "path rangers" the way we have "park rangers"? And does that mean there will be more fights, thefts and beatings on Rails to Trails?

Even though I don't use the path as often as I used to, it is so important, in my opinion, to keep the Rails to Trails a safe place for everyone to enjoy. It is a real asset to the community. I hope this incident is one of a kind and not the start of a pattern.

Sometimes I see Riverton police officers on "bike patrol" during parades or at the fair. I don't know if they patrol the Rails to Trails at all, but it might be time for them to start.

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