Farmers market is fun; city park move is worth a try

Sep 18, 2013 By Tammy Questa, Riverton


I can't disagree with the letter from Margaret Harless of Riverton about the advantages of the farmers market in Riverton.

I have attended the one on North Broadway a few times and enjoyed it. She is right to say it is a real asset to the community

But a month or so back, a suggestion was made to give the farmers market a try at Riverton City Park. I thought this was a very good idea, and I still think so.

I don't know if the farmers market people or the city officials realized it's completely, but the farmers market on North Broadway has made some of the local business people in that area rather upset.

They say it discourages people from shopping or making appointments at their businesses on Wednesday afternoons because access is interfered with.

I also have a church friend who knows a couple of firemen. He says they are worried about the street on Broadway being blocked for emergencies.

I admit I hadn't really thought about any of those potential problems before, but I do see the point they are making.

I am wondering why the alternative location at city Park couldn't be tried just to see how it goes. IR00;know there are some "undesirable" elements there, so maybe that is the reason.

In any case, continued good luck with the farmers market. I do enjoy it.

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