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Mistake to lift the ban on liquor sales on Rez

Sep 19, 2013 - Carl Rollins, Riverton

It would be a very big mistake to start putting bars on the Wind River Indian Reservation again.

I say congratualtions to the county and the tribes for turning down the first application, though it was a reponsibile business person with a good establishment.

Now the big question is, will the almighty dollar rule the roost when the casinos apply for bars or liquor sales.

Any more these days, if you make one peep about anything regarding the reservation, you are accused of being racist. It is not racism, it is just common sense.

Liquor off the reservation already is a big problem around here, and it would only get worse if the reservation liquor ban got lifted. Everybody knows it, so it comes down to how important the dollar is.

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