Sep 22, 2013 Associated Press

No change in Wyo. rig count

HOUSTON (AP) -- The number of rigs actively exploring for oil and natural gas in the U.S. decreased by seven this week to 1,761.

Baker-Hughes Co., in its weekly report Friday, said 1,369 rigs were exploring for oil and 386 for gas. Six were listed as miscellaneous. A year ago there were 1,859 active rigs.

Of the major oil- and gas-producing states, California gained four rigs, Colorado and North Dakota gained three, Kansas gained two and New Mexico, Ohio and West Virginia gained one.

Texas lost 14 rigs, Pennsylvania lost four, Oklahoma lost two and Arkansas lost one. Alaska, Louisiana, Utah and Wyoming were unchanged.

Yellowstone closed to hunting

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK (AP) -- Officials at Yellowstone National Park are reminding the public that the park is closed to hunting.

Fall hunting seasons are opening on lands around the park. Most of the park boundary is well marked, but it's hunters' responsibility to make sure they don't enter the park. Federal laws prohibit killing or removing any animal, living or dead, from inside Yellowstone. That includes animals that are shot outside the park and die within the park boundaries.

It's also illegal to remove any animal parts, including shed antlers, from the park.

G&F board meets Monday

CHEYENNE (AP) -- Watercraft regulations, sage-grouse population trends and Russian olive removal projects are among the topics the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission will discuss Monday at a meeting in Jackson.

The commission is expected to take action on several items, including watercraft regulations, low altitude flight policy and Animal Damage Management Board projects.

In addition, commissioners will hear presentations on a project to remove Russian olive along the Bighorn River and on sage-grouse population trends.

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