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'Positive feeling' about shelter and how cats are handled there

Sep 24, 2013 - Louise Manor, Riverton


Responding to the letter to the editor from Pat Stevens about the Riverton animal shelter, I can say that anything negative that happened to her with regard to cats is far different from the experience I have had.

I understand that her circumstances and mine are different, but I have a very positive feeling about PAWS and how cats are handled at the shelter in my limited experience observing it.

I believe it is generally known that cats are harder to place in homes than dogs are when it comes time for adoption, but what I have seen when I have visited the shelter is that the cats there are taken care of very well.

I had two cats in our house until my granddaughter developed an allergy to them, and a friend of ours who works with PAWS made arrangements for our two friendly pets to be moved to the shelter. Eventually, I am told, they both were placed in good homes.

I am a strong believer that cats should be spayed or neutered so that there are not so many of them that PAWS has to deal with, or the animal control officer, for that matter. There is no shortage of cats that deserve kind treatment.

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