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Make things right with loved ones while you can

Sep 25, 2013 - Paul Bell Jr., St. Stephen's


Over the past several years and more recently felt by the families close to those we have lost this year, so far, I pray for those we must lose still.

And, for the families of those who suffer the loss of their loved ones, recently and a while ago. And, for those who will lose a family member yet. How we live and die shouldn't be as important as who we are to you, our families.

So often many have forgotten that, and when loved ones were and are taken from us our chance to make things right is gone forever from us in this life, and so is our loved one.

Selfishness doesn't involve just money. There is also time, maybe a bit of effort, some conversation, or even just an occasional greeting. Most of all, a visit -- your company. I pray for the living in our deceased family. However, I have the distinct impression that their prayers are for us because we haven't learned anything in this life yet, and tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us, the living. We are just sadly remembered.

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