Snyder: District 25 enrollment 'bubble is here to stay'

Sep 26, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

More students are enrolled in Riverton schools this year, and Fremont County School District 25 superintendent Terry Snyder thinks the increase will become the norm.

"We talk about a bubble of kids coming through --I think we have a plateau of kids coming in," Snyder said Tuesday during a District 25 board of trustees meeting. "Our bubble is here to stay."

He said administrators will continue planning for an increase in capacity. For example, he said they hope to expedite the construction process for a new elementary school in Riverton.

This year's enrollment showed 16 more students in grades K-2 in Riverton, Snyder said. Grades 3-5 are larger by 25 students --an increase that was expected according to Snyder. Twenty-nine more students are attending middle school, and 49 more high schoolers were enrolled this year.

The alternative school reported two fewer students this year, but Snyder said Riverton experienced an increase overall.

"(That's) a little over 2 percent increased enrollments," Snyder said. "Our numbers continue to stay solid for us through the years."

Over the past two years, Snyder said the district has recorded 140 new enrollees.

"It's a pretty significant increase," he told board members.

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