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Restaurant offering fast, authentic tacos
From left, Taqueria El Sol owner Ted Garcia, cook Armando Ramirez, manager Lilly Blanco, and cooks Jorge Ramirez and Ruben Villalobos began serving their authentic tacos and burritos to the Riverton community Sept. 18. The restaurant is located at 832 W. Main St. Photo by Wayne Nicholls

Restaurant offering fast, authentic tacos

Sep 26, 2013 - By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

A new fast food taco service in town is promising each customer an authentic Mexican taste in each bite.

Taqueria El Sol opened Sept. 18 at 832 W. Main St. in Riverton and owner Ted Garcia, who also owns El Sol Restaurants in Lander and Riverton, said this restaurant aims to give customers faster service with meals that take less time to prepare.

"There's no real Mexican restaurant here in Riverton, so I wanted to offer that," Garcia said.

The menu is small, but the owners offer variety with several types of meats for a taco or burrito. Garcia said fewer menu options ensure the customer's order is served sooner. Each meat, he added, is still cooked carefully.

"If customers want something that's not on the menu, we will make it," manager Lilly Blanco said. "We are working on slowly expanding our menu to serve dishes people enjoy most."

Blanco already has identified a handful of regular customers, including one who eats fish tacos for every meal, every day.

She also said they sell no hard shell tacos, because that's not what a "true" Mexican kitchen serves.

"We'll try our best to please our customers. We're unique, different and serve your typical Mexican taco," Blanco said.

Taqueria El Sol has a variety of meat options, including fish, pork, head meat, chorizo, beef tongue and ground beef, which is a mixture of ground beef, chorizo and bacon created by Garcia.

The menu includes an express burrito that easily feeds two people, and the eatery serves freshly made horchata, a sweet rice beverage.

Customers can embellish their tacos with radishes, cilantro, onions, lettuce, salsas, cabbage and limes. Other items on the menu include sides of rice or beans and a few desserts.

In the future, Garcia said the restaurant may serve weekend specials like the traditional menudo or beef tripe soup.

Garcia said he purchases his meat from Clark's Meat House of Riverton, and the tilapia comes from Billings, Mont. Garcia first opened El Sol restaurants in Spokane, Wash., and Grand Junction, Colo., but preferred Lander and Riverton as the home for his recipes.

Garcia has owned the property where the new restaurant sits for eight years and said he delayed opening the doors on his new place because he frequently travels to and stays in his home state of Jalisco, Mexico,

Taqueria El Sol is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

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