WGFD collecting sage grouse wings from hunters

Sep 28, 2013 From staff reports

Sage grouse hunting season opened Sept. 21 and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is urging all sage grouse hunters to drop one wing from any birds they harvest in one of the sage grouse wing barrels that have been placed in the field.

Game and Fish biologists have placed the marked barrels at major access roads to popular hunting areas. Hunters are encouraged to deposit one wing from each grouse harvested in the barrel on their way out of the field.

Biologists can tell the age and sex of the harvested birds by examining their wings, which is a valuable piece of information in determining reproduction rates and, ultimately, the population trend. Each year, in addition to the wing data, biologists count the number of male birds on spring strutting grounds, or leks, and then try to get a sample of brood counts after the chicks have hatched. Together, these data provide wildlife managers a pretty good picture of the overall population trend.

Sage grouse wing barrels can be found in the following areas:

- Aspen Mountain (right next to the Simplot plant at the stop sign as you come down from the mountain)

- Eden (at the intersection of Hwy 191 and the "chicken springs road" on the south end of the Farson-Eden irrigation project)

- Tri-Territory (at the intersection of Hwy 28 and CR 21)

- Farson 4th East (intersection of Hwy 28 and Farson 4th East)

- Bone Draw (on CR 128 near the Bone Draw crossing)

- Gasson Bridge (on CR 5 a few miles south of Hwy 28)

- Sweetwater (intersection of Hwy 28 and the Lander cut-off)

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