Lubnau questions document release by superintendent

Sep 28, 2013 The Associated Press

State schools chief Cindy Hill says she submitted everything from her office because the subpoena requests were so broad.

CHEYENNE -- State schools Superintendent Cindy Hill's response to two subpoenas for information with thousands of irrelevant and unorganized documents shows she isn't cooperating with a special committee's investigation into her management of the Wyoming Education Department, state House Speak Tom Lubnau said Friday.

"The response you have provided is at minimum, feeble, or at its worst, a transparent attempt to hide relevant documents in a myriad potpourri of irrelevant jetsam," Lubnau, R-Gillette, said in a letter delivered to Hill's office Friday.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Hill said she submitted everything from her office because the subpoena requests were so broad.

"In the honor of being completely transparent, I'm surprised that they're not appreciative of the fact that we've been completely open with everything we have," Hill said.

She said the committee has more resources than her office to sift through the documents to find what it needs.

It took her five-member staff 17 days to gather the documents, Hill said.

Lubnau noted that the 165,000 documents and e-mails sent by Hill to the committee, include a 45-minute recording of a motivational speaker and illusionist, several interviews with a former state superintendent that were done in the 1970s and more than 3,000 pictures, including photos of unknown people and some paintings.

He said Hill could easily have obtained the assistance of the state Department Enterprise Technology Services to find the documents the committee was requesting.

The House opened the investigation after a recent inquiry reported a number of issues with how Hill managed the agency over the past two years, including possible misuse of federal funds. Hill has been stripped of her authority over the agency by a new law enacted last winter.

Hill has denied any wrongdoing and is challenging the constitutionality of the law.

Depending on its findings, the panel could recommend that the full House of Representatives initiate impeachment proceedings against Hill.

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