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Little-known presidential candidate visits
Randall Terry is challenging President Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination. File photo

Little-known presidential candidate visits

Mar 30, 2012 - By Emily Etheredge, Staff Writer

Long-shot presidential candidate Randall Terry stopped by Riverton on Monday to encourage Wyoming voters to nominate him for president in the Democratic Caucus on April 14.

Terry has travelled the state in an attempt to persuade people to switch political parties by March 30 and send a message to President Barack Obama.

"I am trying to go around and upset the apple cart," Terry said. "I want to take the battle right to Obama and show him that people are upset with the direction our country is going."

Advocating that abortion is murder, Terry ran a series of controversial super bowl ads in Ada, Okla., Grand Junction, Colo., Paducah, Ky., Joplin, Mo., and Springfield, Mo., The commercials depicted images of unborn babies and said Christians who vote for Obama have blood on their hands.

The cities were chosen based on where Terry thought he could have the most impact.

"Abortion is murder, and nothing rises to the level of slaughter," Terry said. "I fight for the little guy, the unborn, and I believe Obama's Achilles' heel is his stance on murder."

A lifelong Republican, Terry is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in hopes of influencing socially conservative Democrats to stop supporting Obama in the fall.

"I am not working against the Democratic Party. I am working against Obama," Terry said.

Terry is the founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue and is a well-known leader of the Summer of Mercy protests in 1991 in Wichita, Kan., where thousands of anti-abortion protesters flocked to the city and were arrested at sit-in protests and blockades of clinic entrances.

His campaign website boasts that he has been arrested more than 50 times and has spent more than a year behind bars.

Terry said he thinks abortion is the No. 1 political issue ahead of the economy and wars. He also said President Obama is at war with religious liberty by trying to force religious institutions and private insurance carriers to pay for the murder of unborn babies.

"When you ask your friends to change to the Democratic Party by March 30, remind them that the participants in the original Tea Party of 1774 dressed up like Indians to fight against the tyranny," Terry said. "Surely, we can follow their example and dress up like Democrats to fight against tyranny. They can change to whatever they would want after the caucus."

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