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'Path ranger' comment was inappropriate

Oct 1, 2013 - Ronald E. Howard, Riverton


I read the letter from Belle Bransky on Sept. 17 about the so-called 'vagrants' on the Rails to Trails path. As a Native American I was offended by the terms "park rangers" and "path rangers." Who is to say the vagrant she saw on the path wasn't me taking a break from a hard day's work? I walk the path from time to time too.

The murders that took place there were tragic. I know the mother of one of the victims and I have some pretty hard feelings about the whole thing, and I feel terrible for her. It's a tough situation for everybody in this community; not just the non-Natives who are afraid of the vagrants. Walking that path is as dangerous as walking down any given street. People get murdered, mugged, raped and beaten just about anywhere these days. As for a police patrol riding their bikes up and down the path, I am not opposed to that idea.

I suppose now if we start hearing the term 'path rangers' we'll have Ms. Bransky to thank for that; yet another racial stereotype to deal with. I should think I would be tired of dealing with those by now. Sadly, I'm only getting used to it.

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