Health/science center 'great,' and there is no better word

Oct 2, 2013 Lyne Mecklen, Riverton


What a nice, beautiful day it was on Sept. 20 for the dedication of the CWC Health and Science Center.

I am embarrassed now because I didn't even vote on that part of the ballot in 2010. I just skipped it. But I am voting now with my heart and my mind for this wonderful new building and program at the college.

My schedule didn't allow me to be there for the dedication ceremony, but I saw the pictures and know that went very well. But what I did do was take the tour of the health and science center in the afternoon, and then I came back and did it again later in the day. That may sound funny, but there is so much there to see you that I wanted to make sure I saw as much of it as I could. I know I didn't see it all, even then.

Those tours did make me think of an idea. Does the college ever have a campus-wide day for tours of all of its buildings and facilities? Based on how much I enjoyed the health science center activities, I think this could be a very good thing for the campus to do once a year for everything --the theater, the art studios, sports venues, TV studio, etc. I wonder if people really know all that goes on there.

Congratulations to Central Wyoming College on the new Health Science Center. It is great, and there is no better word for it.

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