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Fed up with trash freeloaders in receptacles paid for by others

Oct 10, 2013 - Char McKenzie, Riverton


Sunday at about 2 p.m. is a good time for the small, gray Chevrolet pickup (it sounds like a road grader) 10 County plates, white female driver, age 20-30,5-foot-5, 130-150 pounds, long dark hair, to unload trash at 709 and 711 W. Jackson Ave. in the alley Dumpster.

Sorry you left before I could invite the cops to join you, and that you were too far away, as "Matlock" would say, to get a good look at your license plate or your face, even when you turned and saw me standing there, watching you.

City residents pay monthly fees for this service, and we have noticed that often the night before our pick up day, our Dumpsters are only half-full, but by the next morning when we take out the last bag, wow -- it's full to the brim.

If you can afford the gas to sneak around alleys looking for free service, then you can also take it to the dump site or pay your own bills. Many of my friends and even a couple of businesses have told me of this happening at their places as well.

So here is one person who is tired of the free-loaders. Lady with the gray pickup, and other free dumpers, stay out of our Dumpsters. The police will be called, and I'm sure, with a high-speed chase, they will catch you.

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