Another $100K on Hill

Oct 11, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

The price tag is rising, and for what?

By now, uneasiness surely must be setting in for those in the Wyoming Legislature determined to destroy Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill. Desperation seems likely to follow soon.

Still stymied, apparently, in their quest to find the "smoking gun" that would justify their impeachment drive against Hill, the legislators working the case have come up with a new idea: Spend another $100,000 on lawyers.

The intended recipient of the latest appropriation is a new team of attorneys handed the task of finding something on Hill incriminating enough to stick.

An employment proposal made public this week contains an itemized breakdown of what the equivalent of a special prosecutor and staff will be paid. Hourly rates are astronomical in the eyes of the average Wyoming citizen, who is likely to be displeased further in this already unpleasant matter by fees such as $125 per hour for paralegals to stack papers.

Proponents of any deserving facilities project, public service program, or infrastructure maintenance request that was turned down for funding by the state government this year quite rightly can look at the money lavished upon the relentless pursuit of Hill and wonder if all that money might have been spent on something for the true public good. Every nickel ought to be explained once this is over. Hill likely will see to that during her promised campaign for governor next year.

Of course it is true that the gold nugget of misconduct Hill's detractors are almost frantic to uncover still might be found. If it can't, it won't be for lack of effort and taxpayer money. But if it is found, after all this turmoil and expense, then it had better be something big. So far, the accusers have not even come close.


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