Unfair to brand complaint about Rails to Trails pathway as racist

Oct 11, 2013 Belle Bransky, Riverton


I was offended strongly by the letter to the editor from Mr. Ron Howard who decided to all but brand me as a racist because I used the words "path ranger" in the way the words "park rangers" are used frequently about the vagrants in city park who now are "using" the Rails to Trails also.

Mr. Howard brought the racial aspect into this, not I. To me, "path ranger" does not have any particular racial connection, nor does "park ranger" for that matter.

I doubt that I am any more racist than Mr. Howard or anybody else, and I am far less so than some people I know, both white and non-white.

In my opinion, for him to play the "race card" in some defensive way to distract attention on what has gone on in the city park and now on the bike path does more harm than good. Again, he did this. I didn't.

One final thing: I can assure you, Mr. Howard, that the person (actually persons) I saw on the Rails to Trails that day who sparked me to write my letter most certainly was not you "taking a break from a hard day's work." I doubt these people had done a "hard day's work" for some time -- and definitely hadn't that day.

Had I seen you out for a stroll after work, Mr. Howard, I believe I would have smiled and said hello, and I hope you would have done the same.

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