Woman from Torrington to vie with Maxfield for Sec. of State

Oct 15, 2013 By Randy Tucker, Staff Writer

Jennifer Young of Torrington has announced her candidacy for Wyoming Secretary of State Saturday in Cheyenne on the Constitution Party ticket.

The 46-year old mother of three and grandmother of three is a Wyoming resident dating back 41 years.

"I'm highly committed to passing on the legacy of good government to my family," Young said. "Like so many Americans I've squandered my time as part of the problem. So now I am convicted about being a part of the solution."

Young holds a bachelor's degree in zoology from the University of Wyoming, with an emphasis in bio-technical engineering. She has served in multiple organizations including the Wyoming Constitution Party and the Laramie Jaycees.

She said her reasons for seeking office are straightforward and directed at incumbent Max Maxfield.

"Maxfield challenged a citizen-passed law establishing term limits in 1992. He challenged and won and is now seeking a third term."

The term-limits resolution passed with 150,113 affirmative votes in 1992, with 44,424 voting against. The law later was declared unconstitutional by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Young views the political process as everyone's right and responsibility.

"In the spirit of ridding our state government of career, recycled politicians, I'm running for office," she said. "People are tired of the same faces recycled into new political positions."

Young urged Wyoming citizens to get involved in the political process.

"I want people to be inspired, to talk about this, and to seek office themselves," she said.

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