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Tribe should have a vote on bringing alcohol to reservation

Oct 16, 2013 - Lester Dewey, Newcastle


Bilked, bamboozled and betrayed by our council members. They decide the fate of lives by considering allowing alcohol on the Wind River Indian Reservation. The tribal members were not made aware of this ahead of time. Nobody was allowed to vote on the matter.

The councilmen cannot be reached for comment. The press cannot reach them, nor can the tribal members. This is a first -- Native American leaders as cowards.

Chiefs became leaders by embracing the tribe as their own children, died for them in battle if necessary. Nowadays, our councilmen do not even have the courage to talk to us.

We cannot get loans, money from our own resources is not distributed out to us. Life-changing -- no, scratch that -- life-taking decisions are being made without the people being asked for their input. How dishonorable.


Editor's note: The writer is a Wyoming prison inmate incarcerated in Newcastle.

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