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Whole truth not being told in case of Morris disappearance

Oct 17, 2013 Susan M. Ferguson, Gillette


In April, authorities in Lander swore out an arrest warrant for one James Franklin Jagers. They went to the trouble of extradition and then went to Ohio to get this man. The charge was theft of an automobile belonging to Larry Morris, a young man who went missing in 1974 from Riverton. Mr. Morris has never been found.

Mr. Jagers has been connected to this case. In 1983, reportedly, he wrote a letter to the authorities stating that he knows where Mr. Morris's body is and that he can tell them what happened, if they would transfer him to a different facility. What was done with this? Nothing, that any of us knows about.

Now, after a plea bargain, Mr. Jagers has been charged with a misdemeanor and released. The FBI and DCI couldn't tell me what happened and your Fremont County Attorney can only say "No comment."

Does anyone else think that this is odd? Does anyone else question the judicial system in Fremont County? How about your local law enforcement? If this young man was your son, husband, father, brother, or friend and you never knew what happened to him, how much would you care then?

I never met this young man, but I care, and so should you. We should all care, whether this is a coverup, or inept police work, (I do not attribute this to the recent efforts of DCI or the FBI ). I think it is time that the truth comes out and justice is done. Somebody in Lander/Riverton knows the truth, and it is time for them to speak.

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