Officials find 'felony amount' of marijuana in misplaced bag

Oct 19, 2013 From staff reports

Barbara Chamberlain, 54, of Kinnear, was arrestedOct. 4 on charges of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

According to law enforcement reports, she had left a white grocery sack at the Wind River Hotel and Casino at about 10:50 p.m. Oct. 4.

Security personnel found the bag unattended on the floor near a slot machine, and when they examined the contents theydiscovered "a substantial amount of marijuana."

"It was a felony amount," Undersheriff Ryan Lee said. "It was over 3 ounces."

Lee said the marijuana was packaged in separate portions, so there was probable cause to think Chamberlain intended to distribute the substance.

Misplaced baggage

Chamberlain was still at the casino when deputies arrived at the scene --shewas asking patrons if they had seen her bag.

In addition, security footage showed Chamberlain carrying the bag to the slot machine and leaving it behind on the floor a short time later.

When she was contacted by law enforcement, Chamberlain admitted to possession of the sack and its contents.

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