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Door-to-door peddlers in city ought be licensed by the police

Oct 23, 2013 - Meredith Erman, Riverton


Here is my opinion on sales people who go door to door trying to sell things: Don't permit it to be done at all. If it must be allowed, then make them get licenses and check in with the police department before they start.

I do not want these people coming to my property, knocking on my door, and disturbing my time at home. It is worse than the telemarketers, because I can just hang up on them without having a big argument and meeting the person physically. I just would rather not have to go through it in my own home.

I have a sign outside my door that says "If you don't know me personally, then don't knock on this door." Do you think that stops them? It does not.

They should have to get a license from the police, not a desk jockey at some other city office, and they should have to show their permit for the day to everyone they peddle to.

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