Education foundation accepting applications for grants, scholarships

Oct 27, 2013 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation is in search again for grant, award and scholarship recipients in Fremont County.

Susan Thomas is now the backbone to a foundation that was created on the basis of providing leadership and opportunities to young people in Wyoming.

Craig Thomas served in the Wyoming House of Representatives and later as a U.S. senator. Since his passing in 2007, Susan Thomas has given the foundation direction and provided young people with financial support, leadership opportunities, guidance with their educational endeavors, and applicable resources.

Scholarship awards come with special mentoring services from Susan Thomas herself and are offered per semester to part- or full-time students. The foundation has taken greater interest in students who are at-risk or have trouble making choices to advance further in life.

"People who have struggled in life need more than just the money," Susan Thomas said, adding that she often meets with each recipient before, during and after a scholarship is awarded.

Through diligent mentoring, Susan Thomas said she likes to see that students become responsible and show her they're serious about achieving a goal. She offered stories of individuals who they themselves didn't envision being successful but proved to be overachievers with aspirations greater than anyone imagined. Scholarships have benefited several Fremont County students, including two from the Wind River Indian Reservation in the past years. She said the foundation hopes to "build positive citizens for Fremont County."

The foundation aims at helping students who have no other financial help, are lost in the process of pursuing a degree or lack direction in life.

The foundation also provides a leadership award for someone who goes above and beyond to assist at-risk youth. An award of $2,500 can be given to a nominated mentor, educator,

counselor or other adult who has extended his help to young people.

Grants are awarded to a groups or organizations that back up youth opportunities and help students reach their goals.

"The foundation is quality because we make sure these learners are served in the best way I know how," Susan Thomas said.

The foundation has helped athletes, mothers and older adults across Wyoming for the past six years.

Applications and requirements are available online at

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