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Perhaps Winter Fair has run its course

Oct 27, 2013 - Reed Galenring, Lander


Sorry, but I don't think losing the Wyoming State Winter Fair would be all that important.

I do not want to sound mean, and I do not have anything against the Winter Fair personally. But I have gone to some of it over the past two years, and I always end up kind of feeling "what is the point?"

I do not think the people who run the Winter Fair should try to make anyone else feel guilty about not supporting it. If it were better, then people would support it more.

I think that when Mr. Schumacher called a meeting to gauge public support, he got his answer loud and clear. There really isn't a lot of support for anymore.

I don't think that is because people have anything against it, it is just that they are not interested. I'm sure there are lots more things to do around our area in the wintertime then there were when the Winter Fair started in the 1960s.

By the same token, the people who have worked the Winter Fair for so long without very much recognition or reward shouldn't feel guilty either if they don't want to do it anymore. As Mr. Schumacher said, sometimes things just run their course.

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