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Snow early in season means less spending on snowplows

Oct 29, 2013 - Loren Albert, Riverton


If we are going to get all this snow, I am just as glad that we are getting it now early in the fall/winter period rather than later. When it falls this time of year, there is a pretty good chance that it will melt all by itself without any snow plowing by the City of Riverton.

But if we got 2 feet of snow, or whatever it has been so far, in the middle of December or January, the city plows would have to deal with it. Not only is this expensive, but plowing snow never is something our city seems to handle very well. Maybe it has been getting better in the past few years. Some people say so.

Either way, we should take it without gripe this time of year (except for all the broken tree branches, which is unfortunate). What I worry about is whether all this early snow this year means we are really going to be in for it when winter really does get here.

Would anyone care to bet, here and now, on if we are going to have "White Christmas" this year? I would say yes to that, even though it is still two months down the road.

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