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The only way to live is to 'resist, fight evil'

Oct 30, 2013 - Den Schofield, Riverton


I cannot allow Mr. Peck's editorial titled "Everyone felt it" (Friday, Oct. 18,) to slide by without comment.

The attitude of blaming "Congress" for not being "responsible" strikes me as odd. Such a perspective can only mean that someone has not real comprehension of what the conflict is about. After all, our representatives are only reflecting the opinions of our populace at large. To describe their behavior as "bruising, insulting, angry and demeaning" seems ridiculous. This battle is not even unusual. It has been going on from the outset of our republic. Then to say that this conflict has been somehow damaging to anyone's dignity or sense of worth is just silly.

The only damage to anyone's human dignity is caused by this administration's excessive taxation, profligate regulation and totally irresponsible spending. These are the policies that maintain our outrageous unemployment level and ever increasing poverty.

Thank God, finally, for some Republican leaders willing to stand up and push back. They are criticized for being quixotic. Is this not the only way to live? To resist, to fight evil until we are dead?


Everyone felt it -- The federal shutdown had a psychological effect on all American citizens

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