If we're able to watch, our phone may be off the hook

Apr 3, 2012 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

I had no trouble answering the poll question on the streaming sports talk show yesterday.

"If you could only pick one, which would you watch? The NCAA National Championship basketball game, the final round of the Masters, or your favorite baseball team on opening day," the talker asked.

My answers: I can't, I can't and, thank goodness, I still can and will.

In all honesty, baseball's opening day is the only one of those events I can watch. No news here. I would have picked baseball anyway.

We are a one major network family and have been since Jan. 1. Because we have Dish Network, like all other Dish subscribers in Fremont County, we can only watch NBC because Wyomedia, which apparently controls the Dish keys to CBS, ABC and Fox, is still (pick one) spatting, not talking, believing negotiation violates company policy, or, your bonus answer, we're just too dang small for anybody to give a rip.

We get the "please hold" message when we dial up CBS, where the NCAA and The Masters are shown.

We do, for the moment, still have ESPN, and on Wednesday, my world champion Cardinals will be firing the LEDs on our set, and, I'm happy.

But the discussion in our house has been, do we need a subscription to cable or satellite TV anyway?

We are leaning toward no, we do not. By the way, we are leaning at the same rate the Leaning Tower of Pisa is still tipping. Admittedly, it will be hard to pull the plug on this one. But we are talking about it.

For entertainment, we have a Roku box. If you have a fairly fast internet connection, you would be surprised how well this little snazzy one-time $60 box that connects to the internet and your TV's HDMI port works. We watch HD movies, news, Netflix, and, drumroll, on our little magic box.

But there is a catch. Netflix is $8 per month and will set us back another $10 per month ($125 per year). So, for $18 per month, we can be set. Wait, there's NFL on-demand. It's $15 per month in season, and, and, and...

I should call the guys from Porter's. They'll come to our house to let us know if an antenna will work in our neighborhood.

There's one guy who is sitting two desks away from me right now who would say, "But if you don't have cable or satellite, what about Sports Center (implying, seriously, that my life would end without ESPN)?"

I suppose I could just call the cable company. We get internet from them anyway.

But on to what's really important.

The St. Louis Cardinals will take on the Miami Marlins in their new stadium Wednesday night at 5:05 p.m., and I'll be watching.

My Red Birds have a new manager. His name is Matheny. The starting pitcher won't be last season's postseason megastar who is now ailing, Chris Carpenter. Instead, Kyle Lohse, who led the Cardinals rotation in ERA and wins in 2011, gets the start. Albert is gone. Yadier will be behind the plate.

Hero David Freese will be at third.

Freese, who belted his amazing 2011 World Series game six home run exactly one minute after our phone rang last year with the wonderfully distracting news from our son (who was obviously not watching the game) who called to tell us that his proposal to Caroline was answered with a "yes." Really, Kyle?, the family joke goes. You proposed during game six?

Guys who played their minor league ball in Reno, Round Rock, Rochester and Roanoke have the best job in the world and get to run on the field to play America's game. Baseball season is here.

If the Cardinals are in the Series again this year, our phone will be off the hook. That is, if we get to watch.

Have a great sports week. Go Big Red!

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