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Ocean Lake pond drained for maintenance

Nov 4, 2013 From staff reports

In an effort to increase habitat quality and hunting opportunities, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department has drained Pond 5 at Ocean Lake Wildlife Habitat Management Area.

Draining Pond 5 will allow for removal and replacement of a water control structure as well as the removal of cattails later this winter.

The new structure will allow department employees to better manipulate water levels to maintain wetland community vigor and productivity. The wetlands at Ocean Lake WHMA have been deteriorating as a result of cattail encroachment. The department implemented a cattail management plan last year, and since then, it has been working to improve the wetlands in the area.

Ocean Lake WHMA is managed primarily for waterfowl production, and these wetlands provide important habitat for waterfowl and shore birds. Controlling the water levels will help decrease the amount of cattails and increase emergent vegetation and open water ratios for waterfowl making the habitat better for nesting and cover.

Pond 5 will be left dry until cattail management is completed in the spring of 2014.

For more information, call habitat and access crew leader Derek Lemon at 332-2688.

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