Tuesday notes

Nov 5, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

What snow?

For once this fall, the threatened winter-like snowstorm didn't hit the Wind River Basin. In case you've been traveling in a warmer place and hadn't heard, four snowstorms came our way in the first month of autumn.

The clouds were towering against the mountains to the north and east, but they didn't quite make the leap. The snow is staying away this time around.

Now that it's November, be glad for every sunny, calm day we can get. It's possible for the 11th month to be mild around here, but after that there isn't much chance until spring.

Threatening presence

Steven Ervin is having the book thrown at him, as well he ought to. This is the 55-year-old man accused of posting online threats against law enforcement officers, boasting that he would commit "the crime of the century" and would perpetrate an act of violence that would gain nationwide attention.

The threats apparently were aimed elsewhere, but he chose the Riverton Branch Library as his base of operations, at least temporarily.

Ervin, who was a Ranger employee for one month more than a year ago, didn't carry out the threats, but his words had the same ring to them as those of other people who have gone through with their awful plans.

Over the weekend, a news source with a bit of insight into the case suggested that the suspect, who had been in jail before and who was on parole at the time he made his threats, might simply have wanted to go back on "the inside," and chose this as a way to get himself re-arrested.

True or false, what he did is a serious offense, and there ought to be serious consequences. Carbon County authorities are seeing to it. Sounds as if "the inside" is where he belongs.

Five in the 500

It was a water-treading week for the imaginary $500 we invested in an imaginary Standard & Poors 500 index fund in January and have been following with readers ever since. Such an investment doesn't take any expertise, either to make or to manage. It just goes up or down based on the closing price of the S&P 500 each day. That's simply a fact, not a value judgment.

It's been a very good year for the S&P, last week's dead end notwithstanding. Had you actually put $500 into an S&P 500 index fund Jan. 21, the day we picked to start the exercise, as of Tuesday morning it would have grown to $629.34.

District 25 listeners

Best of luck to the new citizen committee formed by Fremont County School District 25 in Riverton to help communicate the wishes of the community to the district and the rationale of district actions to the community. Communication on a two-way street usually makes things easier.

One specific note from the committee's first meeting a few days ago is encouraging. Superintendent Terry Snyder told the committee that getting a district-owned auditorium built in Riverton still is a high priority for him. There still are going to be many funding and administrative hurdles to clear through the complicated state mechanism that now controls school facilities construction, but it's good for the District 25 public to hear that the top man wants to get this done.

Rams still standing

The high school football season is over for six of the seven teams our county fields. Three teams didn't qualify for the postseason, and the opening round of the playoffs cooked the respective gooses of Riverton, Lander and Shoshoni.

Still standing are the Dubois Rams in the somewhat odd but always entertaining brand of football known as 6-man. The DHS Rams are the defending state champs in this classification, which yields scores in the 60- to 70-point range more often than not for the good teams -- and Dubois most definitely is one of those.


After Riverton almost toppled the top-seeded Gillette Camels in the first round of the Class 4-A state volleyball tournament last week and then won two straight matches before finishing fourth, head coach Adrian McNamee -- who certainly is not one to gush -- said she had a very good feeling about the future of Wolverine volleyball. She ought to. This year's battle-tested team beat the state-champion Natrona Fillies twice during the regular season, and the squad returns almost all of its key players next year. Keep aiming high, girls. You are good enough to win it all in 2014.

Series to Sox

Two weeks ago, our World Series prediction was "the Cardinals in six or seven." The outcome was the Red Sox in six. At least we got the two teams right.

Here's to a good week.


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