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Problem with 'drunken vagrants' is not what 'label' we give them

Nov 6, 2013 - Belle Bransky, Riverton


Oh, for heaven's sake, Ron Howard is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. All right, I apologize for using the term "path rangers" in describing some of the people I saw on the Rails to Trails recreation path after I had not been on it for a couple of years. Instead I will use the term for what I actually saw: filthy, drunken vagrants, passed out cold, or nearly so, along the side of the path while I, my friend, and several other people, including a child on a tricycle, went by.

In my view, the problem is not whether or what they are "labeled," but that they are there. Call them what you like, or criticize what I called them, but don't criticize me for raising this as an issue.

I am sorry my "clever" name for the vagrants offended Mr. Howard, but I believe that most people would agree with me that this type of conduct on the Rails to Trails is indefensible. I might add that there now has been a murder committed on the path since I wrote my first letter. One of the victims, apparently, was a person similar to the ones I was talking about. All the more reason to not allow the Rails to Trails to turn into a hangout for intoxicated vagrants. If Mr. Howard wants to make this issue about a "label," I believe he is avoiding the much more important problem.

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