Wyoming people not getting full access to health insurance options

Nov 8, 2013 Jim, Cheri and Jack Fulmer, Jackson


Thanks for the beauty of scenic vistas, open spaces and a high quality of life. Right out of the old cowboy song, "Don't fence me in." Right? Now, when most of America is going forward with the Affordable Health Car Law, we Wyomingites are being treated like outcasts, because our state government cares little for its own citizens and has no problem using us as pawns in their political games.

We might as well move to another state if we want to have a healthy family. Wyoming promotes itself as the Equality State. Wrong -- at least when it comes to the rights of its own people to be informed about their health care choices.

Our leaders have done nothing short of trying to disable, destroy, and otherwise make it impossible for any Wyoming citizen to understand what the choices are, or get information on what will be offered in Wyoming, let alone have access to the all options other Americans are getting from their states with Medicare and Medicaid. The baloney about "We don't want big government to take over our state" rings hollow when Wyoming has chosen of its own accord not to participate in the state exchanges and is making the feds set up our state's system.

My family has lived here for more than 35 years, and we have always stated with pride that we are lucky to call Wyoming our home.

Not sure how much longer that will be true, unless we are able to get all of our rights under the new laws.

It's easy for someone to say "If you don't like it, tough. Take a hike to another state." But when U.S. citizens are being disrespected and having our rights denied by our own state, it's un-American to sit by and let a few bad apples in our state government make those decisions for political reasons.

Wyoming has no problem subsidizing the rich by having no state income tax, but when it comes to the rest of us we are left hanging in the wind.

I challenge our state government to step up and do the right thing for the people of Wyoming.

Give us the right to choose if we want to participate in the affordable health care system or not. It's not up to you to choose for us.

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