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Public employees provide inside look at Obamacare in early stage

Nov 10, 2013 - William Lansfort, Riverton


We in Fremont County and Wyoming are fortunate to have examples of how the "Obamacare" Affordable Care Act is being put in place via county government, and the college and public schools.

They are having to get everyone signed up for coverage under the new plans, and it is all public information about how well it is working for them regarding coverage and costs.

From what I have read so far in the news reports is that coverage usually is a little better for most people. while the costs are about average of what they have been for the past two or three years.

Maybe that will not be the experience everyone has, but I have been interested to read about how the public employees are faring under it.

For some reason, they must have access to a better sign-up process than others because they already seem to have the answers to the basic questions when others are trying to get on to the slow website.

I should say here and now that I am covered by Medicare and I am very glad because it appears to me that I will not have to get wound up in all the controversy and waiting. I guess that is one advantage of getting older.

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