Departing dean challenges UW chief to public debate on quarrel

Nov 12, 2013 The Associated Press

LARAMIE -- The outgoing dean of the University of Wyoming law school has challenged President Bob Sternberg to a quasi-legal forum on their disagreement over a task force.

Steve Easton is resigning as dean, citing a lack of deliberation in Sternberg's decision to create a task force to look at the College of Law.

Thirty-nine law students sent a letter to Sternberg demanding "transparency and accountability" about the events that led to Easton's resignation.

Sternberg held a town hall meeting Friday on the issue.

However, Easton confronted Sternberg during the meeting and asked to present his case that he and school were not "treated ethically" by the president.

Sternberg objected to Easton "hijacking" the town hall but agreed to a forum on the issue.

Sternberg is in his first year as UW president. He has acknowledged that he might have moved too quickly in instituting some of his intended evaluations and reforms.

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