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By Ernie Over WyoToday
Apr 27, 2022

Have you noticed the Big Wind River at Kinnear and Riverton is suddenly not flowing as swiftly as it was last week? That's because the diversion of water ...

By Ernie Over WyoToday
Apr 13, 2022

The recent high winds across the county resulted in something I haven't seen for a while. Whitecaps in my 75-gallon stock tank out in the pasture. That was ...

By Ernie Over WyoToday
Apr 12, 2022

RIVERTON -If you noticed anything different today while reading The Ranger, it may be that your arms aren't quite as far apart. Or maybe your eyes don't ...

By Ernie Over WyoToday
Mar 24, 2022

RIVERTON - The Riverton School Board Tuesday night held a commencement ceremony for three graduates of the District's Frontier Academy. The grads are ...

By Ernie Over WyoToday
Mar 22, 2022

RIVERTON - The Riverton chapter of Soroptimist International raised about $400 at a short fund-raiser at Smith's Food and Drug with a donation jar last ...

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