Stories written by: Diana Mitchell, Riverton

Diana Mitchell, Riverton
Mar 21, 2018

Editor: In response to the letter to the editor by Mr. Nagel, first, may I say that the Shoshone Tribe doesn't want to take over Riverton. There has been no ...

Diana Mitchell, Riverton
Jan 5, 2018

Editor: In response to the letter to the editor about the tribe wanting to take over Riverton, the Eastern Shoshone was the only tribe to be able to choose ...

Diana Mitchell, Riverton
Feb 24, 2013

Editor: On 2005, I wrote a letter about an Arapaho who wanted an eagle for ceremonial purposes. I agreed that the person should have an eagle for ceremonial ...

Diana Mitchell, Riverton
Oct 25, 2012

Editor: Chief Washakie was the only chief in history who chose his reservation. Washakie chose the area of Wind River, but his hunting range was over wide ...

Diana Mitchell, Riverton
Mar 8, 2012

Editor: I am responding to the letter "Government should not try to mix oil and water in law." People living on or near reservations should know about ...

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