Stories written by: Wayne Dick, Riverton

Wayne Dick, Riverton
Apr 25, 2018

Editor: OK, the stand-your-ground bill has finally made it into law. But what do we actually have? What did we actually gain? The way it was written when ...

Wayne Dick, Riverton
Mar 8, 2018

Editor: Our elected officials are letting us down. I was very disappointed when I read the article on the stand your ground bill. A year ago if I had been ...

Wayne Dick, Riverton
Jan 10, 2017

Editor: I heard quite a bit of complaining about the electric power company when many of us were out of power Saturday night and Sunday. Well, you won't hear ...

Wayne Dick, Riverton
Aug 11, 2015

Editor: On July 18 an incident took place whereby three men will never again return to the lives they have known. One gave up that life voluntarily, another ...

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